Drawing an audience, swaying its decisions and keeping it loyal to your brand with compelling creative content.

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INSTIL confidence, certainty and conviction in people making decisions about your products, services and brand.

Have copywriting that frees your authentic voice and connects people to the core of your work and purpose.

Develop long and loyal relationships with audiences so they’re never in doubt that you’re the best and only option for them.

STONES PR creates crisp, audience-focused copywriting that reflects the value, qualities and impact of what you do, and how you do it.

It arranges and rearranges words into phrases, paragraphs and pages that give your target audiences the evidence and confidence they need to choose you, and not your rivals.


WHETHER working on webpage words, crafting case studies, composing blog content, penning press releases, scripting speeches or writing winning bids, I give you message, language, tone and style to convince your audience to back you.


HAVE prospective customers conclude their search on your website and choose you. Give them website copywriting that convinces, compels and converts them by saying the right thing instead of everything to satisfy their needs.

Blog Content

KEEP customers coming back to your business for more valuable information about your work, products and services. Give them fresh news, resonant opinion and helpful advice so they trust you more as a leading industry source.


HIGHLIGHT your most satisfied customers’ experiences to illustrate the benefits of your brand to others. Crafted from interview, each testimonial story provides the compelling evidence needed to convert more browsers into buyers.

News Releases

ATTRACT the media and public’s attention with news releases that relay developments in and around your brand. Promote events, push products, share news and air views with media angles and page-ready copy that get journalists interested.


ADDRESS audiences and keep them gripped with spellbinding speeches written to resonate with thoughts and emotions. Have message and theme blended into pitch-perfect, intelligent oratory that secures people’s trust and support.     

Bid Writing

PROCURE contracts, funding and awards with compelling bids written to win business, boost growth and build stature for your brand. Submit persuasive proposals that present convincing cases, superior qualities and bright futures.

Technical Copywriting

LET me take the technical language and vocabulary from your workplace and put it into familiar terms for the ease of those outside of your industry.

I make the complex simple with words that relay the key elements of your industry and retain the essence of your work but make what you do accessible to the general population.

My technical copywriting is suited to engineering, medical, pharmaceutical and other science-based brands and industries.


BRING brand stories to life with photos that also highlight your brand’s purpose, image and values.

Photography stengthens written content and can determine if your PR campaign is used or spiked.

Choose the right photographer for fashion or product shoots, employee portraits, press days or paparazzi PR.

Pick from a list of trusted specialists to ensure your photos earn you the coverage you need.


MAKE brand stories easy to access, share and like by adding videography to your content mix.

Appealing to editors, video increases click rates, page audiences and dwell time on websites which host it.

Use it to tell customer stories, stream live events, produce revealing reports and create persuasive ads.

I collaborate with professional videographers to immerse audiences in the qualities of your work and brand.


SPARK discussion and debate around matters that affect your target audience.

Create conversation about current affairs and developments dominating your space.

Podcasts round up news, views and events informally so you can become a trusted source of accessible insight.

Planned, semi-scripted and chaired, with guest panellists, podcasts keep your audience engaged and up-to-date.


ENGINEER widespread media coverage by generating statistics that write headlines.

Use polls and surveys to reveal curious consensus and pertinent insight that has the last word on relevant matters.

Relayed in compelling press releases, and hard-working copy, research findings can carry you into the media.

Use my news sense and know how to produce remarkable poll and survey results that editors want to share.



CREATE the brand image you need and build strong ties with target audiences through striking graphic design.

Combine your brand values, qualities and purpose in powerful messages embedded in memorable artwork.

Tie logos, publications, adverts, packaging and infographics together with consistent design composition.

After a career spent alongside graphic designers, I know how to mix my skills with theirs to create powerful brands.


CONVINCE, compel and convert browsers into buyers while they’re on your website.

Spur website visitors to end their search and choose you.

I coordinate website development, graphic design, copy and content production to create appealing online hang-outs for customers and audiences.

My websites come with sticky pages, convincing content and a comforting sense of closure for visitors.

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REACH audiences with stories told through expert content production and management skills learned from decades in media.

Have persuasive, on-brand, media assets reveal your qualities and stories.

Reflecting and relaying your brand’s value and appeal with creative content that guides the thoughts, decisions and actions of your audience.


Copy written and edited from interview and other research material, then presented in news releases, articles, web content, case studies, ad words and more.

Images taken to relay the stories, values and qualities of your brand and presented as pin sharp photos, slick videos, resonant reels, live streams and powerful ads.

Audio recorded and edited to provide insight into, and incite debate on, subject matters which are most close to your brand’s heart, purpose and people.

Design produced to enhance your brand image and connect with your target audiences, so they feel most comfortable choosing your products and services.


EDITING of content continues to ensure all prepared media assets convey the same message and achieve the same specified ends.

Aligning your campaign strategy through its words, images, audio and design helps to influence the decisions and actions of your target audience.


COMPLETED media assets come together in Stones PR’s content room for a final edit into a strategic complement for your campaign launch. 

Each is scheduled independently for a managed release of all assets to give your campaign the impact it deserves.

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Combining creative talents to produce brand content that tells your stories and shows your qualities.


  • "Jonathan handles all of our PR and content. His storytelling through video, photos and words ensured five celebrity endorsements received huge national and regional coverage. Twice we enjoyed global exposure. Each campaign generated an exceptional level of income.”
    Craig Henton, CEO
    MHR Clinic
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MHR Clinic struck a hair transplant deal with ex England cricketer Ryan Sidebottom, then told me it wanted national news coverage about his procedure. 

But Ryan was far from a household name.

Follow the link to find out how I created content that would make Ryan’s hair transplant story impossible for editors to ignore.