Public Relations

Helping people, places, businesses and brands build and manage reputations through strategic publicity campaigns.

Brand Exposure

STONES PR specialises in generating high value, high volume PR coverage through print, online and broadcast media outlets.

The company uses a range of tactics to place brands at the heart of regional, national and industry conversations.

We follow media agendas and identify news and feature opportunities that will create meaningful connections between our clients and their audiences.

Editorial Experience

Our first rate editorial experience, keen story sense and practiced newsroom skills help us to harness the media and produce PR campaigns which journalists wants to use.

We provide traditional media relations outreach work incorporating the production of news releases, news reports, feature articles, market research as well as photo and video stories.

Access to national newswire networks, reserved for large media organisations, allows us to file copy and images straight to editors’ desks, increasing the chance of coverage for our clients.

Story sense

STONES PR works with skilled and experienced media operators who know the pace, language and standards of mainstream media.

Our team knows what makes a story, how to engineer, pitch and tell it in terms and a style that appeals to journalists and editors.

We produce campaign content which develops brand stories, shapes public opinion and sways consumer decisions around the brands we represent.

Case Study: Public Relations Campaign for MHR Clinic

Follow the link below to review an example of Stones PR’s public relations work.

When football legend Ryan Giggs was ready to reveal details of 12 years of hair treatments and his recent hair transplant, the partner in MHR Clinic worked with Stones PR to manage his PR.

Aware of his turbulent relationship with the press and how it could treat his admission, our experience and knowledge of the sharp end of journalism came to the fore. Read more about the campaign here.

Case Study: Public Relations Campaign for J A Harrison

Follow the link below to review a further example of our public relations work.

When J A Harrison wanted to showcase its new £3m state-of-the-art engineering facility to the world, we drilled down into the benefts for its new prospective clients before targetting their industry media. 

When we also sought regional coverage for the Northern Powerhouse business our PR campaign culminated in the company dominating the first five minutes of BBC budget night coverage on North West Tonight.

Where Our Clients Appear

Through our work, we have secured excellent positions in the media for our clients. Below are some of the titles which have carried our campaigns.

Crisis Management

Faced with a crisis, we control and communicate information to determine how the media presents its version of events.

We coordinate journalists, lawyers, coaches and consultants to restore reputations harmed by adverse media coverage.

Public Relations

Our news sense, storytelling skills and well-placed contacts are vital when generating big ticket publicity and media coverage.

Stones PR works with journalists, editors and experienced creative professionals to orchestrate PR campaigns the media wants to use.

Content Creation

Researchers, writers, photographers, videographers and designers play key roles in supporting public relations campaigns and the media with ‘page-ready’ assets.

We’re experts in producing engaging content fit for print, broadcast and digital channels.

Media consultancy

Stones PR provides counsel to businesses seeking to control or build brand reputation through the media.

Whether coaching start-ups through their own PR process or advising established businesses on strategic communications, we help clients achieve the profile and generate the coverage they want.

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Our clients receive a single point of contact and continual direct access to Stones PR as its service partner. If you’d like to know more about being a client of our company, please get in touch for an explorative chat.