Media Consultancy

Advising organisations and individuals on how to engage, use and manage the media for the publicity they need. 

Critical counsel

STONES PR provides astute consultancy to business seeking to build and control brand reputation through the media. 

Whether advising established businesses on strategic communications to manage brand reputation or coaching start-ups through their own PR activities, our media counsel helps clients generate the coverage they want. 

Initial consultations come at no cost, so clients can understand a little more about our valuable counsel while discussing media matters on their mind.


Through Stones PR, organisations and individuals draw on broad experience and inherent understanding of how the media thinks and works.

We know what motivates journalists, why they put pen to paper and how to steer them towards coverage that clients want.

Our media consultancy combines extensive knowledge of media practices, values and agendas with forensic and forward-thinking around crisis and publicity issues.

It provides the best basis for meticulous management of high stakes reputation and communication campaigns.

Start-up Support

Our 1-2-1 ‘PR Mastermind’ programme walks start-ups through their own public relations activities, so they avoid the cost of a big PR agency.

We put new brands in charge of their own fate when it comes to generating coverage around their business and products.

Our structured programme helps them nurture their own relationships with journalists and editors, as we coach them through the essential PR practices that will lead to publicity success.

Coaching clinics

By incorporating enough flexibility to address necessary actions as each client progresses their own public relations, we ensure each start-up builds knowledge on a wide range of PR topics during their 1-2-1 clinic sessions. 

Over half a year, in two 50 minute coaching clinics each month, Stones PR helps clients create a framework for identifying PR opportunities and executing actions needed to generate media coverage for their brand.

Between clinic sessions Stones PR reflects as a team on each of our start-up clients’ brands, so we’re armed with ideas for the next clinic session with them.

While start-ups will build knowledge on all of the following, the true power of our 1-2-1 ‘PR Mastermind’ clinics lie in the power they give businesses to conquer the media over the long term, without incurring large fees charged by big PR agencies.

How we can advise you

Whether you appoint Stones PR for media counsel around an issue, crisis or PR campaign, or you subscribe to our PR Mastermind coaching course for start-ups, during your consultancy with us, we’ll guide and advise you on:

How to gear your brand for PR success

How to manage your relationship with the media

How to generate the coverage you need

While in counsel with Stones PR you’ll learn in detail: 

  • How the media thinks and operates
  • What is news value and what makes a story
  • How to spot PR opportunities
  • How to generate news
  • How to map your media landscape
  • What to include in a press release
  • How to pitch ideas to journalists
  • When to contact journalists
  • The value of freelance journalists
  • The importance of photos and video
  • How to develop a personal brand
  • Which online and offline tools help PR
  • How to deliver a cross-platform campaign
  • When a survey could create a splash
  • How to create quotes that the media will use
  • Why nothing is off-the-record
  • How to organise a press conference
  • How to prepare a statement for media
  • How and when to use an embargo
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to react to an ambush interview
  • How to control information in a crisis
  • How to monitor media around an industry
  • When you need a lawyer

Crisis Management

How we control and communicate information in a crisis determines the way the media presents its version of events.

We coordinate journalists, lawyers, coaches and consultants when restoring reputations and fortunes in the face of damaging media coverage.

Public Relations

News sense, storytelling skills and well-placed editorial contacts are vital when generating big ticket publicity and media coverage.

Stones PR works with journalists, editors and experienced creative professionals to orchestrate PR campaigns the media will use.

Content Creation

Researchers, writers, photographers, videographers and designers play key roles in supporting news, features and specialists’ desks with media-ready assets.

We are experts in producing campaign content that editors of print, broadcast and digital channels use.

Media Consultancy

Stones PR provides counsel to businesses seeking to control or build brand reputation through the media.

Whether coaching start-ups through their own PR process or advising established businesses on strategic communications, we help clients achieve the profile and generate the coverage they want.

Book A Consultation

Whether you wish to prevent media intrusion, generate PR coverage, turn the tide of opinion or sell your story, you will find it easy going when discussing your media needs with Stones PR.