Crisis Management

Rescuing reputations and restoring faith in brands through exhibitions of transparency, accountability and integrity.


STONES PR acts for companies and individuals when their reputations are on the line. We know how the media will frame a crisis if it is left unattended.

Our transparent and human approach to defending and restoring reputations is based on principles of integrity, accountability and transparency.

We provide astute communications counsel and adept media management to ease the pressure on you, while we bring your crisis under control and restore belief in your brand.


Consummate control

Turning a tide of opinion requires the control of information around a crisis, while focusing the media’s attention on your efforts to resolve it.

When accountability and authenticity are evident, and efforts to resolve matters are sincere, trust in a brand can be easily restored.

Gathering facts quickly, framing them suitably and presenting them with compelling communication is key to creating a favourable record of events.

Our news sense, storytelling skills and media contacts help us to create balanced coverage, clearer perceptions and more sympathetic opinions around a crisis as it unfolds.

Wraparound response

STONES PR’s wider crisis team provides a wraparound response to crises.

Our full press office service handles media relations. A team of media trainers, body language coaches and wardrobe experts prepare clients for interview. 

Researchers and investigators are at hand to reveal true sentiment and irrefutable facts that journalists and editors have a right to know.

When required, our trusted legal partners are skilled in repressing and redressing unhelpful coverage and defamatory allegations in the media.

Case Study: Crisis management for rest assured funeral plans

Follow the link below to review an example of Stones PR’s crisis management.

When Rest Assured Funeral Plans faced certain ruin at the hands of ITV’s flagship ‘Tonight Investigates’ show, the company was advised to contact Stones PR.

Given eight days to save its reputation when faced with numerous evidence-based defamatory and damaging allegations, our team managed to avert disaster for the firm.

What We Can Do

While defending reputations and liaising with media during a crisis, Stones PR operates a full service press office to handle communications and enquiries.

  • Arrange press conferences
  • Provide press office services
  • Provide spokesperson services
  • Craft press statements for publication and broadcast
  • Provide media training, reviews and debriefs
  • Organise safe meetings with the media
  • Carry out opinion polling to gauge and track sentiment
  • Commission investigative research to reveal the truth
  • Trade stories to prevent news lines reaching the public domain
  • Deploy defamation lawyers to counter harmful allegations
  • Organise charitable and socially conscious events
  • Harness social media for targeted publicity campaigns
  • Provide internal comms content for staff and stakeholders

Crisis Management

Faced with a crisis, we control and communicate information to influence how the media presents its version of events.

We focus the media on your integrity, transparency and will to resolve, while coordinating journalists, lawyers, coaches and consultants to restore your reputation.

Public Relations

Our news sense, storytelling skills and well-placed contacts are vital when generating big ticket publicity and media coverage.

Stones PR works with editors, journalists and experienced creative professionals to generate and orchestrate PR campaigns the media wants to use.

Content Creation

Researchers, writers, photographers, videographers and designers play key roles in supporting our PR and crisis campaigns with ‘media-ready’ assets.

We’re experts in creating engaging content that is ideal for media use and distribution through print, broadcast and digital channels.

Media Consultancy

Stones PR provides consultancy to brands seeking to build, manage or restore their reputation through the media.

Whether advising personalities, coaching start-ups or guiding established businesses, our counsel helps you generate the public profile and media coverage you need.

Book A Consultation

Our clients receive a single point of contact and continual direct access to Stones PR as its service partner, so we’re on hand to help at all times.

If you’d like to know more about being a client of our company, you’re welcome to get in touch for an explorative chat.